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Vela e Aventura was founded in 2006 aiming to provide its customers with a pleasant and lasting experience as we make their dreams of sailing safely and practically on the coast of Brazil.

In addition to the Tours services, our clients have asked us to develop courses that would enable them to sail with their future sailboats. Aiming to meet your nautical knowledge needs, we offer our Initiation Course to the Cruzeiro Sailing, having successfully formed hundreds of new commanders from all regions of the country. So our mission is to spread the natural heritage of our islands and beaches and the onboard lifestyle through a service of excellence.

Our base

We are located in the beautiful and sophisticated Marina 188 in Paraty - RJ:
Rodovia BR 101, Km 575 - Paraty - RJ
Vela e Aventura (24) 99908-9379
Marina: (24) 3371-2362

Best structure to suit you:

  • 24h concierge
  • Free Parking
  • Coffee / tea maker
  • Wi-fi
  • 24 hour security
  • VHF radio service, channel 16
  • Individual bathrooms

Marina access 188


  • What is the procedure to secure my reservation?

    50% deposit on booking confirmation and 50% 24 hours prior to charter.

  • What is the company's policy for cancellation of reservations?

    We followed normative deliberation N. 161 of August 9, 1985 of Embratur:
    Until 31 days before the Exit, 90% of the total return.
    21 to 30 days before departure, return of 80% of the total.
    Less than 20 days before departure, return from 0% to 80% of the total.

    * Cancellations by Vela e Aventura , the deposit will be fully refunded to the client within 5 business days after the fact.

  • What is included in the service?

    Sailboat, crew, cleaning fee, water in tanks, support boat with outboard. Some sailboats have stand up.

  • What do I need to bring on board?

    Light clothing during the day and night clothes (do not bring hard bags)
    Sea bathing suits
    Bed linen and pillows
    Bath and face towels
    Sunscreen suitable for your skin
    Cap or hat
    Slippers (shoes and sneakers only on the ground)
    Remedies you are taking
    Good mood and team spirit

  • Do you have a cell phone signal in the places we will visit?

    In some yes, but we do not guarantee since distance of the towers of the operators of Paraty do not offer coverage. We can make a radio bridge with the Marina, if necessary.

  • Are drinks and meals included in the tour fare?

    No. We have the following options:

    a) The client brings the groceries and uses the kitchen and barbecue of the boat. <b) The islands and beaches visited have several restaurants for lunch.
    c) The skipper of the boat prepares meals by prior contracting. This service is only available for some of the sailboats, please contact us for values ​​and details.

  • Do you have a security policy in place?

    Yes, Vela e Aventura seeks to consolidate excellence in the quality of its services by eliminating or minimizing the risk of accidents with its customers, employees and the environment. To this end, it adopts the following principles:
    seek the continuous improvement of its Safety Management System, through the training and commitment of its staff, the use of technology, procedures and equipment that guarantee greater safety in its operations;
    To meet the requirements of the legislation applicable to Aventura tourism, standard ABNT NBR 15331, and to the navigation safety foreseen by the Brazilian Navy;
    Respect nature by minimizing environmental impacts in its activities on board sailboats. In addition to the dissemination of wealth and the need to conserve the natural heritage of the region in which it operates.
    Promote the development of riparian communities, through strategic commercial partnerships and, with a minimum of social impact, value and disseminate the diversity of their culture.
    Develop good practices in their services that offer greater comfort and well-being for their clients, providing them with a strongly positive feeling of the contracted activity.

  • Can I take my food and drink and prepare it on board?

    Yes, our kitchen is at your disposal. 2 burner stainless steel stove and small oven.
    If you prefer, you can send us a shopping list that we will then include in your invoice. For eating, prefer easy-to-prepare dishes. As for salads, it is best to bring those that are sold pre-processed and bagged, they last longer and are easier to store.

    Note: Frying is not allowed on board.