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Cursos para casais

Especialmente desenvolvido para casais que sonham em ter o seu veleiro, mas não têm nenhuma experiência prévia. Venha adquirir os conhecimentos necessários para começar a navegar com confiança. Nossa metodologia foi desenvolvida ao longo de 10 anos para proporcionar uma experiência segura e muito agradável. Independente da sua experiência com veleiros, nós temos um curso perfeito para você e sua(seu) companheira(o)!

Cursos para famílias

A Vela & Aventura oferece cursos exclusivos para que sua família possa desfrutar de experiências incríveis, aprender a velejar, conhecer a vida a bordo, lidar com o mar e receber amigos e familiares. Seus filhos vão lembrar pra sempre da aventura que tiveram aqui em Paraty com vocês!

Cursos individuais

Para os alunos que desejam aprender a velejar sozinhos ou até mesmo melhorar suas habilidades e conhecimentos. Oferecemos a oportunidade perfeita para você adquirir confiança e ainda divertir-se muito em nossos cursos. Fuja do stress na cidade e venha descobrir o maravilhoso mundo da vela de cruzeiro aqui na linda Paraty!

Progressive learning levels

Cruise Initiation Course

Our course is a perfect opportunity for you to learn how to sail, learn about life on board, deal with the sea and nature and receive friends and family. You will have a complete overview of how a sailboat works and all aspects related to its purchase and maintenance.

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Profile of who is looking for us

  • Customers who always dreamed of sailing and did not have the opportunity.
  • People who before buying a sailboat want to see what it is like to sail.
  • Boat owners who want to change boats.
  • Clients who want to bring the family together in a lifestyle that takes them away from their everyday stress.
  • Sailors who wish to win the wife to the world of sailing.
  • Couples who want to enjoy a different and fun weekend.


  • Class: 4 to 5 students
  • Rates: R$ 1500,00 per individual student or R$ 2500,00 for the couple or children
  • included in: Apostille, training and 2 nights in the sailboat, 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch on board
  • Not included: Ground meals

Content covered

  • Main components of the sailboat
  • Types and configuration of candles
  • Instruments used on board
  • Security items
  • We most common
  • Tide table
  • Weather for navigators
  • Waypoints and routes
  • Nautical charts
  • Knowing the bay of Paraty and Angra dos Reis
  • Docking maneuvers / anchorage / poita
  • Rules of government / beacons
  • VHF radio operation
  • Mounting and adjusting the plugs for each wind direction
  • Living on board
  • Tips on how to get your sailboat

Intermediate Cruise Sailing Course

For the students who have completed our Cruise Sailing Course for Beginners, this training is the next step in the formation of their experience. We will give you the experience of spending an entire weekend aboard the sailboat with real situations of those who spend the night with your boat outside the marina.

See Programming and Values


  • Have completed our Cruise Sailing Course for Beginners

Boarding on Friday night at our base, for overnight navigation with overnight stay and breakfast at Enseada do Bom Jardim. Saturday, we make the program sailing to the Island of Cotia to enjoy the sunset in its sheltered and calm waters. Sunday, let's get to know the beautiful Saco do Mamanguá, the only fiord in Brazil! We will return to Paraty in the late afternoon, with many stories to tell ...


  • Class: 2 couples
  • Rates: R$ 2500,00 per couple
  • included in: Theoretical and practical classes, use of the sailboat, support boat, stand up board, 2 nights on board. 2 breakfasts and 1 dinner on board
  • Lunches not included in the rate. They are prepared by students as part of their onboard experience

Content covered

  • Meal Planning (Groceries and Menu)
  • Creating waypoints and routes on the computer, transferring and using GPS
  • Symbols and use of nautical charts
  • Analysis of shelter locations in the chosen area of ​​the script
  • Weather forecast
  • Night-time navigation
  • Review of maneuvers with candles
  • Using the VHF radio
  • Disembark on the beach with the support boat
  • Cooking tips on board

Advanced Course for Open Sea

Aimed at customers who wish to acquire the knowledge necessary to cross the open sea safely. The student practices all the teachings during 2 consecutive days between the Bay of Paraty-RJ and Ilha Grande-SP. An important differential of our methodology is that it was developed by skipers experienced in oceanic crossings.

See Programming and Values

Profile of who is looking for us

  • Customers who before leaving the open sea wish to improve themselves technically.
  • Students of our basic course.
  • Commanders who have passed the amateur master's test and now want to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.
  • Sailors who bought a boat in another region of Brazil and want to learn how to bring the new sailboat to their marina / club.


  • Must have our intermediary course done


  • Class: 4 to 6 students
  • Rates: R$ 1500,00 per individual student or R$ 2500,00 for the couple or children
  • included in: 2 nights, 2 breakfasts and 1 dinner
  • Not included: Dinner on land in the city of Ilha Grande

Content covered

  • Planning the trip (itinerary, food, clothing and safety equipment)
  • Night-time navigation
  • Man-on-the-sea maneuver
  • Practical coastal navigation with use of nautical chart and compass
  • Master's curl and use of storm jib for bad weather navigation
  • Specific weather forecast for crossings
  • Notable points between Paraty and Ilha Grande
  • Organization of navigation shifts

Our instructor

Denilson Padilha Fuchs   Commander Denilson lives aboard his sailboat and presents this lifestyle on board for students of VelaeAventura courses in the beautiful city of Paraty.

Since 2006, students from all over Brazil have been enchanting themselves with the world of cruising sailing and realizing their dream of sailing in our courses.

Come and join our nautical community too!

Used sailboat – Bossa Nova 36 pés

Name of the boat: Hi Flyer
Capacity: 6 passengers
  • Full Kitchen
  • 1 double bed in the bow
  • 1 double bed in the lounge
  • 1 double bed in the stern